2017 February

BeoCare Finalizes Integration of Shelby Elastics

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Hudson, NC – February 6, 2017. BeoCare Group Inc., the leading domestic manufacturer of knitted medical textiles used in compression, support & fixation, announces that the integration of Shelby Elastics LLC has been completed and that going forward both companies will operate as one company under the BeoCare brand name, from our newly expanded manufacturing site in Hudson, NC.

BeoCare Group Inc. acquired all the assets of Shelby Elastics in November 2014. Initially both companies continued to operate as standalone entities, operating from their respective manufacturing plants in Hudson, NC and Shelby, NC. Last year it was decided to move the Shelby plant to Hudson in order to optimize efficiencies and offer clients a seamless one-stop, ISO 13485:2016 certified contract manufacturing solution for medical elastics.

“Dismantling and moving the entire Shelby knitting mill and moving it to Hudson, was an immense challenge and we could not have done it without all the hard work from both the Hudson staff and the Shelby staff”, says Peter Vanderbruggen, CEO of BeoCare Group Inc. The employees of the Shelby Elastics plant in Shelby were offered financial incentives to move to nearby Hudson while at the same time experienced knitters in Hudson were retrained to master both the circular knitting for which BeoCare is famed and the flatbed elastic knitting which has been Shelby Elastics’ specialty for over 35 years. “I am extremely proud of our skilled workforce”, says JR McCormick who was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer. “We are one of the only remaining US-based knitting mills which have all different knitting technologies under one roof”.

“The move of the Shelby manufacturing plant to Hudson was a tremendous undertaking and I want to thank all our employees for their hard work as well all our loyal clients for their patience. I am very well aware that there have been some supply disruptions while we completed the move”, admits Vanderbruggen. To make matters worse BeoCare’s knitting room suffered an electric fire and power disruption just before the Holidays last year, resulting in more delayed shipments. “We learned a lot about business continuity”, continues Vanderbruggen, “however I can now say with complete confidence that with the new measures we’ve put in place and with the expansion of our knitting capacity, we are in great shape to continue growing our business in 2017”.

“Our clients are our most important asset ”, says Patsy Smith, VP of Customer Care, who with her team of associates has been at the forefront of explaining the integration of both companies to BeoCare’s and Shelby Elastics’ customer base. “We are fully committed to serving Shelby’s client base and offering them the service levels they’ve come to expect from us. Amy, Shasta and I are available every business day from 8AM to 5PM to answer any questions clients may have”.

To contact BeoCare customer care call  (828)-728-7300 extension 226.

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