Our private label line of post-surgical garments is the latest addition to BeoCare’s product offering aimed at increasing patient well being. With the acquisition of Shelby Elastics in 2014 we became the largest domestic manufacturer of hook receptive elastic used in abdominal binders. Building on this new capability and by using our unique skill set in textile design and sewing, we have developed a complete private label offering of abdominal binders that are hook receptive and aimed primarily at the post-surgical market.
We have also developed other compression garments, such as our post-surgical bras, that are important tools to enhance patient comfort and that make the recovery time after surgery as short as possible. These bras create a constant, gentle pressure on the skin that helps reduce unwanted swelling by decreasing the amount of fluid that collects near the skin’s surface. They ensure that the patient remains more comfortable and they also may help in decreasing bruising that can occur after surgery.
Contact our design team if you have a new post-surgical garment in mind and are looking for a reliable domestic partner to bring your creation to life.
1053 abdominal binder no bulbs

Surgical Binder

  • Improves deep breathing and early ambulation which promotes the healing process and helps ensure a speedy recovery;
  • Made with our proprietary hook receptive stretch material;
  • Hook-and-loop closure adheres anywhere on the binder which allows the correct amount of compression and ensures a custom fit for the patient;
  • Binder fabric can easily be cut to accommodate drainage tubing without fraying;
  • Can also be used as an abdominal wound dressing holder.


Surgical Bra

  • Breathable stretch micro fiber fabric for softness and comfort;
  • Seamless design;
  • Provides light compression & support needed after surgery;
  • Does not bind or irritate sensitive tissue;
  • Can be worn alone or used to hold surgical dressings in place;
  • Front velcro closure for easy inspection & dressing change;

Radiation Therapy and
Post Mastectomy Bra

  • Versatile double layer bra a designed to be worn immediately following mastectomy or while undergoing radiation therapy;
  • Supportive T-back design, and double layer pocket to hold post-surgical forms;
  • Soft microfiber fabric can be cut to accommodate a catheter for brachytherapy or seed radiation treatments;
  • Available with or without a removable drain bulb holder;
  • Design features provide easy access to radiation sites without fully undressing.


SurgiCare Bra

  • SurgiCare Bra combines all the clinical advantages and patient benefits of our Post-Op Surgical Bra, with the medium to firm compression needed after breast procedures such as mastectomy, lumpectomy, biopsy, augmentation and mastopexy;
  • Has familiar bra-like styling with gives additional support and promotes patient acceptance as it looks more natural beneath clothing;
  • Comes with a removable drain bulb holder that can be attached to the wide knit-in bottom band, for easy placement of drain bulbs.

Stoma Ostomy
Support Band

  • Soft and stretchy microfiber quality material for a smooth and supportive fit;
  • Material moves and easily expands with the bag as it fills;
  • Easy to pull on and no seams for sensitive skin;
  • Fixates all types of ostomy pouches and drainage bags, helping the patient feel secure and reduce content noise;
  • Inner layer has a stoma ostomy bag opening;
  • Latex free and washable;
  • Sizes: XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL;
  • Colors: White, Black, Beige.